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Honor Someone Special Through a Memorial or Tribute Fund.

Establishing a memorial or tribute fund is a meaningful way to honor a special person or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday. Your memorial or tribute fund will be a lasting tribute to that special person and will help enable kids in our community to reach their full potential.

How is a memorial or tribute fund different from a one-time gift?

Establishing a memorial or tribute fund enables us to create a personalized donation page for you to share. We will track all gifts that come in for the fund and provide reports to the family. If you are simply looking to make a one-time gift in honor or memory of someone, please click here and select to dedicate your donation. We recognize all tribute gifts in our quarterly newsletter.

Next Steps:

Contact Angie Stumpo at 616-452-6565 or for more information on establishing a memorial or tribute fund.

We will create a personalized donation page and provide you with a link to share.

If you are establishing a memorial gift, below is information you may share in the obituary:

  • Make checks payable to: Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids
  • Address: 235 Straight Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • Note on the donation whom the gift is honoring.
  • Website:

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