A safe, loving community that prepares young people for a bright future.

A safe, caring environment

Practical tools to help youth
prepare for a solid future.

Affordable membership
(only $5 per year!).

We believe that all youths deserve a safe space where they belong.

We understand how important it is to have a strong support system, which is why we need your help to create bright futures. Through Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids, thousands of young people have received the support they need to become thriving adults!

Come Join Us!

After-school and summer programs.

From arts and crafts to sports to leadership development and so much more, we provide a fun and safe environment for kids when they’re not in school.

Academic assistance.

We provide homework assistance, tutoring, and career exploration to propel youth forward to succeed academically.

Warm meals and snacks.

Full bellies give youth the fuel they need to succeed each day. We provide after-school snacks and dinner.

You can help equip youth with the tools they need to succeed – no matter their life circumstances.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids, we are passionate about helping as many youth as possible prepare for a brighter future. No matter what situation a young person faces, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Get involved

Volunteer your time.

We need caring volunteers like you who are willing to take the time to impact the lives of our youth during our after-school programs and summer camps.

Serve with your group.

We always welcome groups to join us for serving opportunities, such as cleaning and organizing, outdoor work, revamp projects, and activities with the youth.

Give to an organization that makes a difference.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids, every dollar makes a visible difference in the lives of our youth. For example, $250 provides one full month of membership.

For hundreds of youth in our own community, a bright future feels out of reach.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids exists to come alongside young people, mentor them, and give them the support they need to become prepared for a thriving and meaningful adult life.

Measurable Community Impact


kids who attended the Club in 2023

As I prepare for high school graduation, I have reflected on my club experience. The club has provided me with a lot of life skills: discipline, courage, dedication, compassion. The club has served as a safe place, and a place for fun for not only me, but family members of mine and peers. I'm glad that I had a place to develop my social interactions and make friends. At this point in my life, the club led me to be inspired and grow into becoming a well-rounded young man and prepare me to navigate the world, post-graduation successfully.
Ernest Robertson
Ernest Robertson
Throughout the years of attending the Club, I’ve grown more as a person and I've learned several things. I’ve learned how to communicate better and to not hide myself from potential friends out of fear on how others will see me. I've also met new staff members that I could talk to and trust. Thankfully, they have now become an important part of my life .
Justyce McIntosh
Justyce McIntosh
I might not have entered the Club at a great time in my life, but it helped me get there. It helped me learn how much I could grow as a person. I learned to let go of what isn't helping me. I learned to embrace my inner child. I grew to love myself and appreciate myself. Many may look at The Boys & Girls Club and just see a center for kids to hang out, but for us, The Boys & Girls Club is a home away from home.
Jacqueline Calderon
Jacqueline Calderon