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Taniah Ingram is no stranger to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids. She worked at the Club starting in 2017 while in school studying psychology. Now a practicing behavioral health technician and volunteer at the Clubs, she wanted to give back in a unique way – and the Better Beings Creative Mentorship Program was born.

The objective of the Better Beings Creative Mentorship Program is to foster a safe and enriching environment for students to explore their creative niche. It pairs kids with creative mentors to work on art projects while building an understanding of love and belonging, while improving self-esteem and self-actualization.

“The idea for mentorship came about while there was a lot of uncertainty in the world,” explained Taniah. “As a result, I wanted to provide an outlet for expression as well as an enriching environment to do so for the youth in my community. The Boys & Girls Club seemed like the perfect place to begin this journey.”

Club members worked with their mentors to create paintings, drawings and even businesses– all of which were presented at a special showcase event in January.

“I am thrilled to share that our outcome was a success,” said Taniah. “My favorite part of working alongside the children was having the opportunity to witness the overwhelming pride on their faces as they stood next to their completed projects at the showcase.”

Taniah is planning on continuing the Better Beings Creative Mentorship Program again soon and looking forward to welcoming more Club members to participate. Thank you, Taniah, for being an outstanding volunteer!

You can keep up with the Better Beings Creative Mentorship Program on Instagram at @betterbeingsproject.

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Forty-eight combined employees from SpartanNash and The C2 Group volunteered a whopping 225 hours at our Paul I. Phillips and Seidman Clubs over the summer focusing on “beautifying” our Club spaces.

Volunteers from The C2 Group spent time at Paul I. Phillips reorganizing materials and storage closets, erasing fingerprints from windows and mirrors, but most importantly, helping clear space in our storage room by transporting any broken/unused furniture or materials to the dumpster. We now have extra space to properly store our gym equipment and a clear basement ready to be utilized.

SpartanNash definitely lived up to the “work before play” mantra at our Seidman Club. They helped spread 30 yards of mulch onto the playground and gaga ball pit. Other work included trimming trees and bushes, and reorganizing rooms and storage closets – making the areas look renewed. Once the work was finished, the volunteers enjoyed the rest of their time helping out with the daily programming. They assisted with art projects, gym activities, serving lunch, and friendly competitions of gaga ball. Some even received new hairdos from our members!

If you’d like your team to volunteer with us at Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kyle Connelly, at kconnelly@bgcgrandrapids.org to start planning a project!

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