Learning Curve

For many students, the virtual learning environment has been challenging. For others, it’s been nearly impossible.

Students like Ebony, 7, struggle with online classes. She has been attending our Learning Assistance program and is staying on track, but it’s still tough.

“Ebony is very bright and does really well with in-person school,” said her mom, Mariah. “But she has a really hard time with the online learning. I work fulltime and it was so difficult to help her keep up in the spring.”

Thanks to all of the wonderful support from caring donors like you, Ebony has a place to go for the assistance and guidance she needs. With dedicated staff and a structured environment, she is able to attend classes online but also benefit from daily personal help.

“I am so thankful the Boys & Girls Club is offering this option,” Mariah said. “I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Local school officials are equally as grateful for the program. Many educators are at a loss for how to best help students who struggle with online learning. Programs like the Learning Assistance Program help fill in the gaps.

“With the relentless work of our non-profit partners such as the Boys and Girls Club, the learning that continues with those students who attend the Boys and Girls club is absolute gold,” said Rose Charles Maher. “Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club for your unwavering commitment to our families on the West Side.”

Now more than ever, your support is helping our kids navigate these unprecedented times. During this season of thanks, we are forever grateful for our caring community ensuring all of our kids have access to a bright future.